Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE)

The Armenian State University of Economics was established in 1930 and has been operating for 80 years. At the 5 Departments there are 30 Chairs, 20 of which are of economic specialties and 10 of common specialties. The academic staff consists of 35 Professors, Doctors of Science; 141 Associate Professors, Candidates of Science; 87 Assistant Professors; 103 Lecturers and more than 60 qualified specialists. ASUE is the largest and leading economic educational institution in Armenia and has got more than 7000 students and academic staff around 650 employees.
Main strategic directions of ASUE activities are: providing a high quality higher education based on modern standards, training of qualified economists, retraining specialists and improving their qualifications, conducting research in economics, reform of education process in order to successfully integrate education and research activities, as well as developing and implementing the university system of specialties and specializations