Ministry of Labour and Social Issues of Armenia (MoLSI)

The Ministry of Labour and Social Issues (MoLSI) of the Republic of Armenia is the principal government agency responsible for employment policy in Armenia. MoLSI is a national body of executive authority, which elaborates and implements the policies of the Republic of Armenia Government in the labor and social security sectors.There are Separate Divisions and State Agencies in the structure of MoLSI: "State Employment Service" Agency, RA Medical-Social Expertise Agency, RA State Labor Inspectorate. Regulatory functions have been delegated to the State Employment Service since 1992.  It consists of a central office in Yerevan and 51 regional or territorial employment centres, 41 of which are located in the provinces and 10 in Yerevan. It designs and implements labour market programmes and regullary collects and analyses labour market information.