Armenian National Students Association (ANSA)

The Armenian National Students’ Association (ANSA) was founded in 1990’s. Main aim of ANSA is unite the student organizations, represent and promote the rights of students and graduates in different levels, both national and international. The ANSA is an independent non-governmental, non-political and non-religious all Armenian umbrella organization.The ANSA consists of member-organizations which represent all the student organizations, both state and non-state. Each Member Organization has its own identity, reflecting the specific needs depending on the specialization of the university.  ANSA respects the autonomy of its members which are in direct contact with hundreds of thousands of students. The contact is held through provision of information, education, networking, and a range of publication and professional activities.The activities are mainly aimed to advance the active participation and involvement of student self-governing organizations in the governing processes of the higher education institutions (HEI).