University of Minho (PT)

The University of Minho (UM) is the second largest in number of students in Portugal. Created in early 70’s it has established a strong reputation in Portugal and EU, in overall and in particular subjects including  education and pedagogy, science and technology education. The university promoted and participated in a large number of research and cooperation projects in virtually all EC’ programs. The University of Minho, founded in 1973, is one of the then named "New Universities" that, at that time, deeply changed the landscape of higher education in Portugal.
Located in the region of Minho, known for its significant economic activity and for the youth of its population, the University of Minho has played the role of development agent in the region.
With over 15,000 students (2,000 of those are postgraduate students) and with about 1200 professors and 600 employees, UM is one of the biggest Portuguese universities.