AlmaLaurea Inter-University Consortium (AL)

AlmaLaurea (AL) is an inter-university consortium set up in Italy, a bottom up initiative born at the University of Bologna, in 1994. As a meeting point for graduates, universities and the business world, nowadays AlmaLaurea represents 64 Universities in the Country (80% of Italian graduates) with more than 1.700.000 curricula of graduates in its database. Among them main goals:to provide national/local governments and member universities with complete, continuous, reliable and timely documentation on the evolution of graduates’ academic careers;  to foster graduates’ employability tracing their characteristics and “career path”; to promote graduates access to labour markets and lifelong learning; to provide guidance and assessment tools to students. Every year AL issues two surveys: the Graduates profile analyzing graduates' characteristics and performances (at different courses, faculties and universities); the Graduates occupational condition at 1,3 and 5 years after graduation.

Since 2009 AL is working on Graduates Insertion and Assessment Project (GrInsA/Tempus Programme) based on quality assessment and support of  employability of Moroccan graduates; the 2013-2015 Project Tempus ISLAH  (Instrument at Support of Labour market and Higher Education) will enlarge cooperation in Morocco and extend it to Tunisia. Under Adria-Hub (Adriatic IPA program) project AL is cooperating with countries facing the Adricatic sea in developing its database system.